A Brazilian Comet: MSouto "The Artist"  by Tiffany Zolli

Brazilian born American, Monica Souto, traveled through Europe in her youth and was first artistically inspired by the art and architecture which surrounded her in every city.  Monica was moved especially by the beauty of abstract art and the freedom it allowed the artist to realize their vision. The first stirrings of artistic creation began to bloom within her like a soft whir of butterfly wings.  This gentle motion has now soared into full flight as Monica launches her new website and artwork into the world!

MSouto "The Artist" was born.

Through freedom of expression, inspired by materials and texture, MSouto has found a medium to channel the works of art that lie within her, waiting to be born.  Acrylic and oil paint, texture and collage, assemblage and recycled materials had aided in her journey thus far to help breathe life into her creations. While many pieces of art have already been created, many more are materializing.

Monica always work with music, mostly classical music, and therefore names her work “Symphony”
or “Expression”.  

Monica plans to use her art and creations to influence and make a difference not only in her life, but also in the community, the nation and the world.  Her dreams involve incorporating her art with the local community by eventually creating a venue for local artists, musicians, farmers, and much more, a ‘school’ if you will, that is open for the public to view, enjoy and learn along with the artists of their trade.  From there, she wishes to bring her art to the world: traveling for inspiration for new pieces and allowing her work to be exhibited in the world.

Look into the sky! Can you catch a glimpse of this bright and vivacious comet bursting with light?


Tiffany Zolli is a Northern California native with a Theatre Arts Bachelors Degree from the University of Santa Barbara California, minoring in English. She has an extensive background that spans over thirteen years in public relations and marketing working in hospitality, winery related marketing/advertising and national distribution and branding.